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Designing for Holiday Entertaining

Holiday parties are in full swing and you may be noticing your kitchen is not keeping up. Here are our best tips for designing a kitchen to entertain large groups.

  • Think ahead about how the space will be used for large gatherings. Entertaining changes the way we use our kitchens. It is different from our everyday cooking for our immediate family. It is important to think about your entertaining style and how you want traffic to move through the space while entertaining. As well as the added features you will need to make this happen.

  • Consider the overall layout. Keeping a clear workspace and visiting space is important when entertaining. Layouts that work best are one wall or L-shape with an island. Islands provide extra seating, as well as a countertop for working, serving or display.

  • Plan your work zones. Prep, cook and clean up zones are important in the kitchen. Think about the kinds of tasks that will be done and what will need to be close by to make these tasks efficient. Keep these zones separate and organized with clear counter work space.

  • Create large walkways to accommodate multiple cooks in the kitchen. Ample room to work around each other will make holiday baking much more enjoyable.

  • Be thoughtful with appliance placement. Choose useful appliances and decide where they will be the most functional. For instance, an ice maker and wine refrigerator should be kept out of the main work zone, typically in a bar. While a dishwasher and trash compactor are best used by a sink to make clean up efficient.

  • Designate drink station and serving top. This area should be out of the way of the main work zone. The multipurpose space is often well used for storage of seasonal dishes. Serving areas are a great place for decorative displays, such as glass doors or open shelves.

  • Arrange for adequate lighting and outlets. Consider the types of lighting needed; overhead, under cabinet and decorative. These layers of lighting will make working and entertaining in the kitchen more comfortable. Also think about where small appliances will be used for placement of outlets. Don’t forget to plan extra outlets for seasonal decor.

Memories are made this time of year when family and friends gather. These tips will make entertaining effortless so you can relax and be present with your company. Check out these other great resources to consider when planning your new kitchen.

Happy Holidays!