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Making Your Bathroom An At Home Sanctuary

Sometimes the outside world can be stressful, which is all the better reason to make your home the relaxing sanctuary you and your family deserve. One great area to do this is in your bathroom. These are some of our favorite tips to keep in mind when designing your personalized bathroom space!

  • Always Keep Function in Mind

Here at Cabinetry Ideas we always ensure to keep function at the forefront of your design. Of course we want to help make your space beautiful but we also want to make it worth your investment and offer the most ease of use possible for you and your family.

  • Using Curved Lines

The softness of curved lines create a more peaceful and calming space. Using a rounded tub and sink, and avoiding anything with hard sharp edges help to add to the relaxing sanctuary feel in your bathroom.

  • Keep Colors in Mind

When creating a relaxing space, mixing too many bold colors, patterns, or textures may not allow your mind to relax into a more calm state. Try to keep your color palette to more neutral colors and more natural woods.

  • Consider Bringing Outside In

Whether it is increased natural light or even bringing some plants into your space. Bringing natural elements into your area can create a more inviting and calming atmosphere while also benefiting you by creating cleaner air for you.

Whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, we are here to help and can personalize your design to your specific needs and desires. At Cabinetry Ideas we know the importance of having a beautiful bathroom sanctuary in your home, and we are ready to help you create yours.

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