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Key Elements of a Kitchen Island

We all love the extra countertop space an island brings to the kitchen. But this literal centerpiece in the room can be far more functional. Here are some key elements to making a great kitchen island.

  • Storage- The type of storage you add to your island should be intentional. For instance, if you are chopping vegetables you will want cutlery dividers or a knife block pullout for knives, tray dividers for cutting boards, and a waste basket or compost bin for scraps. If you plan to use the island for baking, a canister pullout will keep flour, sugar and other dry ingredients well organized. If your island is simply to gather around for entertaining you may want wine cubbies for bottles and a few peg drawers for glasses.

  • Seating- It seems people always gather in the kitchen. Why not give them a place to sit? When designing an island, think about how many seats you would like to have in your kitchen.

  • Outlets- The placement of outlets can be so functional in an island. Whether it's a standard outlet around the sides of the island, a pop up in the center of the countertop, or a charging drawer inside. You can use these different styles to your advantage.

  • Lighting- Lighting is an important aspect of any space. Above the island you can have recessed lights as general or task lighting as well as pendant lights to be used as general or decorative lighting. Another type of task lighting is an interior cabinet light. Who wouldn’t want extra light when digging through the famous junk drawer? Decorative lighting used to illuminate your island's toe kick can give the space a grande luxurious feel and also doubles as a great night light.

  • Small appliances- Due to its central location in the kitchen, islands are a great place to house microwaves, beverage refrigerators, ice makers, warming drawers and more. The extra storage is great for stand mixers, crock pots, and electric griddles.

So much of our lives happen around the kitchen island. Think of the tasks that will be completed here and what you will need close by to make these tasks simpler. Talk to your Cabinetry Ideas designer about how to get the most function out of your island.