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A Truly Functional Kitchen Can Be A Place Of Beauty!

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the center of activity. As the holiday season quickly approaches this becomes even more evident as activity usually increases in and around the spaces of the kitchen.

How will you use your kitchen this season? Will you be creating stunning gourmet meals, entertaining friends and family, or spending time with someone special creating your favorite recipe?

However you spend your time in the kitchen, whether it be everyday living or during a special gathering, having a space that functions properly can make the time you spend in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Make your kitchen a place you want to be and share with others!

A Functional Kitchen Can Be Beautiful!

The kitchen has the all-important job of being the center of the home. It is where we cook, clean, eat, and gather with friends and family, and more. Because we do so much in our kitchens, it also needs to be a place that is organized, efficient, comfortable and a place to show your style. With the available tools and a professional designer, you don’t have to sacrifice style for a functional kitchen. So many of today’s options for appliances, materials, and accessories not only provide solutions, but they also add style and livability. Combine them and you truly have a kitchen of beauty!

A Well-Functioning Kitchen Can Be A Space Where:

It’s easy to move around
Items are convenient and within reach
It can save you time and effort
Everyone wants to gather
It lasts a long time
It’s beautiful!

Here Are A Few Ways To Achieve A Highly Functional Kitchen:

Work Zones – Planning not just fixtures and appliance locations according to how you use them, but also incorporate appropriate storage to create a work zone where items are at point of use.

Traffic Flow – A functional kitchen is designed to accommodate multiple people to work and enjoy the kitchen at the same time.

Organized Storage – Having everything in an easy access place can not only save time, but it can play an integral part in keeping your kitchen looking uncluttered, and easy to keep clean.

Appliances – In today’s world of options, selecting appliances that support how you cook can make using your kitchen much more enjoyable and functional for your lifestyle.

Lighting – A well done lighting plan will include the right fixture in the right place and improves efficiency, safety, style and luxury.

Technology – Technology has come a long way recently! There are both low-tech and high-tech solutions today that add value and function to spaces throughout the home.

Visit Our Design Studio And See Functional Beauty On Display!

With so many details to consider, consulting with a certified designer is the best way to plan a functional kitchen. At Cabinetry Ideas we can help you achieve everything you need to create a stylish functional kitchen!

Call us to speak with one of our designers or set an appointment to see the multiple kitchen designs in our studio. Now is the time to make your kitchen function beautifully!

Until next time, enjoy a recipe on us!

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