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Making Your Wish List

If you are dreaming of a new kitchen then it is time to start your wish list. A kitchen wish list is a great way to stay on track during the design phase of your project. What are your needs for your new kitchen? What are your wants? And what are even your options? Let’s review how to make a kitchen wish list and some of the popular items you can add to it.

When starting your wish list ask yourself what would you change about your current kitchen? And what would you keep? Think about how you use your kitchen and what you use it for. Maybe your kitchen is used for more than just cooking. It may be used for small family meals, weeknight homework, or entertaining and serving a large party. The “Planning Your New Kitchen” resource on our website is a great place to start creating a wish list and deciding what you want and need in a kitchen.

Your Cabinetry Ideas designer will normally start your kitchen design with a few basic items.

  • Waste Cabinet- Placing your pull out waste cabinet in the work zone of your kitchen can make a big difference in the function of your space.
  • Tray Dividers- Tray dividers are an inexpensive way to keep your kitchen organized.
  • Plywood Sink Base- The construction of a high end cabinet comes standard in plywood. But if your budget doesn’t cover a high end cabinet line, your Cabinetry Ideas designer will recommend upgrading your sink base to plywood construction. In case of a water leak a plywood cabinet will stand up against swelling better than a particle board cabinet.
  • Microwave Drawer- Microwave drawers are soaring in popularity. It’s a great alternative to the eye sore of a microhood above the range and the bulky microwave in a wall cabinet. It also alleviates the risk involved in pulling a hot dish out above your shoulder level making using the appliance safer and easier.
  • Vented Range Hood- A range hood that is vented will move odors as well as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants that cooking can release into the air out of the house.

We love to create a space our clients are excited about. Adding a few not so basic items can take a kitchen from functional to fun.

  • Servo Waste Cabinet- Having a waste cabinet in your kitchen is functional. Having a Servo waste cabinet is great for protecting the finish of your cabinets. A Servo-Drive is an electric pullout with touch open and close. Visit us at the showroom to learn more and try it out yourself.
  • Pull Outs- There is a pull out for almost everything. A few popular items to store in a pull out are oils, spices, knives, utensils and trays. If there is something that you would like to have organized and on hand let your Cabinetry Ideas designer know and they can help you find the right pull out to store it.
  • Interior Cabinet Accessories- Like pull outs, there are many different types of interior cabinet accessories. Utensil dividers and pull out shelves are among the well known styles. If you are looking for something more unique, let us know and we will help you find the right style for your needs.
  • Upgraded Appliances- An upgraded appliance can make cooking and entertaining more fun. Luxury appliances like induction cooktops, warming drawers, wine columns and speed ovens can make all the difference in a kitchen. And don’t forget appliances with WiFi for the techie cook.
  • Charging Stations- A designated charging station is almost a necessity today. And with the kitchen being the center of most households it makes sense to store and charge our devices here.
  • Upgraded Drawer Slides- Upgrading your drawer slides where heavy storage is needed will increase the life of your cabinets. Drawers that store pots & pans, cast iron cookware, and everyday dishes can benefit from a heavyweight drawer slide.
  • Interior Cabinet Lighting- One of the most lavish add ons we have seen lately is interior cabinet lighting. It is beautiful and unique but also quite functional.

Your Cabinetry Ideas designer is here to help. Contact us and make an appointment to start turning your dream kitchen into a reality. And don’t forget to bring your wish list!