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Why Is It Important That My Designer Be Certified?


NKBA certifications create deeper trust with your designer.

When considering a kitchen or bath remodel, certifications do matter! Especially when you are trusting something as important as your kitchen or bath design, the heart of your home, to be built or remodeled.

Thankfully, there is a highly valued and trusted set of standards and guidelines created by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). The NKBA, a non-profit organization started in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, is now the premier association that supports, educates, and promotes professionalism. The NKBA certifies designers and others in the kitchen and bath industry. A designer who holds a NKBA certification is respected in the industry as a true expert in their field.

Certification levels by the NKBA

The NKBA has five professional certifications. Certifications range from an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD) to a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD).
1. Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD)
2. Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD)
3. Certified Bath Designer (CBD)
4. Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD)
5. Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD)

Each one of these certifications are earned through in-depth education and testing as well as dedication and hard work in the industry. Proficiencies range from drawing and planning skills to building code knowledge, along with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical knowledge. Applicants must have the capability to draw and communicate with the trades for a successful project. Whatever the certification, you can trust a designer who has these credentials.

Benefits of Hiring a NKBA Certified Designer

You can trust that your designer:
• Is knowledgeable in all things kitchen and bath and will be able to plan, design, and build using the latest materials and techniques.
• Has spent time in the industry learning and becoming an expert in the field. They continue to learn through ongoing education.
• Is respected in their field and recognized as true experts in kitchen and bath design.
• Is better at communicating with you as they have learned to listen and implement your ideas.
• Has an extensive knowledge of building codes, appliances and mechanical systems.
• Will plan and communicate your project to installers.
• Will save you time and money helping you avoid costly mistakes.
• Enjoys what they do and loves sharing their expertise with you.
• Will do a professional job.
• Works with your local studio, Cabinetry Ideas.

Why Hire A Certified Designer from Cabinetry Ideas?

Because our designers are NKBA Certified! Working with one of our NKBA Certified Designers will give you a trusted industry expert who can communicate with you and transform your dream kitchen and/or bath into a reality! Also because NKBA CERTIFICATION MATTERS!

Who Are the Cabinetry Ideas Certified Designers?

Meet all of us at Cabinetry Ideas and see our certifications and other industry accomplishments.
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