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Old is New

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” - Stephen King

Although Stephen King was referring to his horror novels, this quote perfectly describes what we are experiencing in design trends today. Think about what your grandmother’s kitchen used to look like. Now look at top design magazines. See the resemblance? What was once popular is on trend again, with a little update.

Wood Grain

Wood grain is making a comeback and we are seeing this most often in oak. Not in the honey stain we associate with the wood species, but in fresh muted tones like barnwood and coastal stains. In cabinetry we find these tones on simple door styles in rift cut wood and veneers.


Much like oak, gold has been reinvented. Gold is now trending as luxe gold, champagne bronze and satin brass. In the kitchen we are seeing gold being used as cabinet door hardware, for lighting and in plumbing fixtures.


Beige was once thought of as a boring color. The new subtle, lighter shades are calm and relaxing. Today, mental health is just as important as physical health. Replacing the dull greys (the colors of loss and depression) with the warmth of beige is a nod to that. Beige is being shown on cabinets, walls and in accent pieces like upholstery.


No more bare walls and sparse displays. Maximalism and its excess of colors and patterns is trending. Layers of trinkets, photos and and other mementos are being used to show the individual's personality. This new trend is being identified as “Grandmillennial Grandeur”.

Work Spaces

We used to think home offices were a waste of square footage. And how many of us ripped those desks and mail organizers out of the kitchen? It’s no secret that COVID19 forced us to work from home last year. And most of us set up at the dining room table. This compelled us to create reinterpreted home offices, work spaces. Typically a multi use space with a designated desk, comfy office chair and a great background for those inevitable Zoom meetings.

Isn’t it fun to see these old trends coming back reinvented? If you’re ready to reinvent your space, contact usOur designers can help guide you through the process.

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