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Choosing Stone Countertops

In the world of stone countertops there are so many options, how do you make the right choice for you and your home? In addition to the more obvious visual differences in selections, different stones have different physical properties as well. Here are some of the more important things for you to know as a consumer to make the best informed decision possible!

  • Granite - Many people still think of granite as just the old brown speckled stone from their childhood home, but it actually has much more to choose from today. Granite is one of the most hard and durable natural stones, as well as one of the most heat tolerant.Today’s granite options are quite beautiful and offer a wide range of colors and patterns.

  • Marble - A beautifully veined natural stone with many options available. Marble is usually considered one of the more porous stones used for countertops so you do run a higher risk of potential scratches, and stains or etching from spills (especially if you cook with acidic things frequently i.e tomatoes, red wine, etc). New sealants have been designed to help prevent stains, but marble is still as delicate as it is beautiful.

  • Dolomite - Dolomite tends to have a similar appearance to marble however it does not have the true whites you find in marble. It is also stronger than marble, so it is less likely to scratch or etch. However it is still not as durable as granite or quartzite, so it is still susceptible to some potential damage and may need resealed on occasion. It is a great option for people who love the marble look but don’t want the maintenance of true marble.

  • Quartzite - A natural stone very popular in residential kitchens today. Quartzite is known for having similar patterns to marble but in a wider color palette. There are not the true whites that are in marble but it does have a much better average rating for durability in the home. Quartzite also offers some very unique and exquisite colors. If consistency is your goal this is your “safe” bet, but it will not have the depth you find in other natural stones.

  • Quartz - An engineered stone usually selected for its consistency. As a man-made stone, there is more control over the colors and designs in the stone and they are reliably more consistent as opposed to the variations in natural stones. Quartz is most commonly used in commercial settings but can make a beautiful addition to a residential home as well.

No matter your needs each stone is available in beautiful and natural patterns. Talk to your Cabinetry Ideas designer to help make the right choice for your home.